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Welcome to A.L.M.A.!
The Academy of Language and Music Arts

Our Academy offers instruction both in Languages and in Music
Private and/or group lessons available in many languages

Private Lessons,Combos and ensembles available in all instruments (piano, voice, guitar, drums, sax, flute, clarinet, strings etc.)

Foreign Languages: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, ESL etc., study the language of your choice!

All levels and ages welcome!

Study at your own pace; focus on what you enjoy!

Morning, afternoon, and evening lessons available; you may begin at any time!

Our Vision

Our goal is to develop the aesthetic sensitivity and the capacity for creative self-expression of those involved in the A.L.M.A. programs. Participants may study language, instrumental music, or a combination of the two. We believe that language and music are not only very practical channels of communication with others, but also instruments with which we can create, modify and perfect our self-image and self-portrait, both as individuals and as a society; they are the portals of self-expression through which one passes into the very joy of life itself!

'ALMA' in Latin means 'kind, nurturing, bountiful, and fruitful', as in 'alma mater', that is, one's fostering mother, and by extension, one's school. We at A.L.M.A. look forward to working with you and/or your children with this fundamental, inspiring image always in mind, to fostering in kind and fruitful manner your cultural interests!

All ages and levels are welcome at the Academy of Language and Music Arts. Private as well as small group sessions are available. We are currently enrolling students of foreign languages, English as a second language, and instrumental music (piano, voice, guitar, woodwinds, strings, percussion, theory and composition, etc.) To enroll, you need only to complete the participant information form, and return this with your payment for the first session of lessons. Lesson schedules are arranged with participants on an individual basis.

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Contact us at:

Academy of Language and Music Arts
99 Brookwood Road
Orinda, CA.

Call us at: (925) 254 - 5056 or (925) 254 - 5053

or Fax to: (925) 258 - 5056

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Monday - Friday: 11am - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Closed Sunday

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